Sumner Valley Preschool in Sumner, WA offers full day toddler, preschool and school-age care. Our curriculum is based on the Reggio-Emilia approach that focuses on the following principles:


Project Work

Projects, also emergent, are in-depth studies of concepts, ideas, and interests which arise within the group.


Representational Development

Development is a presentation of concepts and hypotheses in multiple forms of representation-print, art, construction, drama, music, puppetry, and shadow play.

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Collaborative group work, both large and small, is considered to promote children’s social emotional development.

Teachers as Researchers

The teacher is a teacher-researcher, a resource and guide as he/she lends expertise to children.


Documentation is a key in the learning process for children, teachers, and parents to see children’s development over time.



Great attention is given to the look and feel of the environment documentation of children’s work and collections are displayed at the children’s and adults’ eye level.

Do You have Questions?

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